Update On Our First Online Dermatopathology Teaching Session For Dermatology And Histopathology Registrars

Huge thank yous to Dr Sara Edward, Consultant Dermatopathologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and former BSD Secretary for her fantastic BSD trainee educational session today. We were delighted that so many people were able to attend and we hope you all enjoyed it as much we did!  
Links to the slides that Dr Edward’s session covered are below as promised. The sessions are not being recorded for the time being but this is something we are looking to offer in the future.  
Should you have an feedback for us, or suggestions for improvements, please do get in contact on [email protected]
The next meeting will take place in approximately 8 weeks time on a Wednesday at 12.30pm, covering a further 5 digital slides of a range of dermatopathology cases. A zoom link for that meeting along with confirmation of timings and speaker will be circulated closer to the time, on this platform, as well as in round robin emails (to BSD members). 
Links to Dr Edward’s session 15/6/2022 

  1. Intradermal melanocytic naevus
  2. Clonal seborrhoeic keratosis
  3. Bullous pemphigoid
  4. Cellular dermatofibroma
  5. Merkel cell carcinoma

Dr Sara Edward

FRCPath, Dip Dermpath