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We aim to promote for the public benefit, the knowledge and teaching of dermatopathology and to stimulate appropriate medical and scientific research relevant to this speciality. The British Society for Dermatopathology is a Specialist Interest Group of the British Association of Dermatologists. Discover
The BSD has organised a series of live dermatopathology tutorials via Zoom. See the upcoming schedule here Schedule BSD Live Zoom Tutorials
The BSD Self-Assessment Course is fully virtual again in June 2023! This year it is another exam special! See the “Conferences” page for details. Discover BSD Educational Resources The BSD is running a series of live Zoom tutorials for trainees in dermatology and cellular pathology. Please click the ‘more info’ button below for details. More Info Zoom Tutorials for Trainees

About The BSD.

We exist to serve and support our community

About us

We are a medical society, registered as a charity. A subspecialist group of the British Association of Dermatologists

Executive Committee

The Executive committee is elected by the BSD membership. Dr. Luisa Motta is our current President


The BSD was founded in 1974. Our logo was adopted in the mid 1990s. 2024 is the BSD’s 50th Anniversary

Educational Sessions.

List of up-coming sessions

27/2/23 at 14:00 GMT

Live webinar: Professor Jose Plaza, Director of Dermatopathology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, USA will inform us on ‘’Adnexal Neoplasms: a review’’. Zoom link

27/3/23 at 14:00 GMT

Live webinar: Prof Wayne Grayson, Ampath Laboratories, Johannesburg will inform us on “Kaposi Sarcoma: A Broad Histological Spectrum, With Many Mimics”. Zoom link

25/4/23 at 14:00 GMT

Live webinar: Dr Amaya Viros Usandizaga. Zoom link

22/5/23 at 16:00 GMT

Live webinar: Dr Antonio Subtil DeOliveira, University of British Columbia, Canada. A practical approach to lymphoid infiltrates in the skin. Zoom link

19/6/23 at 14:00 GMT

Live webinar: Dr Gerardo Ferrara, G. Pascale National Cancer Institute Foundation Naples, Italy. Melanocytic naevi of special sites. Zoom link

Please note that the links to the BSD live webinars will be added to the list above near the time

Trainee Zoom Tutorials.

Next sessions

12/1/23 @ 13:00 GMT

Dr Cynthia Heffron Zoom link

27/4/23 @ 13:00 BST

Dr Sara Edward Zoom link

14/6/23 @ 13:00 BST

Dr Asok Biswas Zoom Link

28/9/23 @ 13:00 BST

Dr William Merchant Zoom Link

9/11/23 @ 13:00 GMT

Dr Nitin Khirwadkar Google Meet Link 

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NSDEQA Resources

The BSD has agreed to host the previous PowerPoint presentations for the NSDEQA

Case of the Month

See the BSD’s case of the month by clicking below.

Self Assessments

See all of the previous BSD self-assessment courses, fully digitized and with case discussions.

Educational Resources

The British Society for Dermatopathologyprovides many online educational resources, some of which are specifically for members only. The BSD is very proud to collaborate with Dr Jerad Gardner MD and Dr Arnaud de la Fouchardiere

Educational Resources for Patients

The BSD is collaborating with the BAD, Manchester University, Royal Free Hospital and Salford Royal Hospital in order to contribute to the production of educational content for patients

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