BSD live Dermatopathology tutorials

The BSD will be hosting regular 30- 45 min webinars covering a wide range of topics for the dermatopathologist. Schedules, topics and presenters will be announced here. A short/ concise outline of what will be covered will be announced. In order to make the best out of the intended short nature of these tutorials, we would kindly ask the audience to submit their questions before hand. These will be passed on to the presenter. We anticipate there will be limited time for live interaction.

The BSD is grateful to the pathologists who are kindly lending us their time and experience.

Dr Catherine Stefanato, April 26 2021, “Histopathology of Alopecia: Lessons learned from the follicular microcosmos”.

Questions and Answers for Dr Stefanato’s Alopecia Webinar

Dr Alistair Robson, May 24 2021, “Cutaneous Marginal Zone Lymphoma”

Dr Thomas Brenn, June 21 2021, “An update on Cutaneous Sweat Gland Malignancies”

Dr Nick Tiffin, 15:00 27th September 2021, “Non-neoplastic lymphoid proliferations”.

Dr A Viros Usandizaga, 12:00 18th October 2021, Molecular concepts of melanoma.

Dr Lorenzo Cerroni, 14:00 29th November 2021, “Clinicopathological Cases”.

Dr Phillip McKee, 12:30 06/12/21 Live webinar: A pathology potpourri.

Dr Phyu Aung, 14:00 24/1/22 Live webinar: Pathology reporting of melanoma as per current AJCC. ZOOM LINK

Dr A Biswas, 14:00 28/02/22 Live Webinar: GMTInterface Dermatoses: Histopathological features and Clinical correlation ZOOM LINK

Dr A Gru lecture, 28/03/22 @ 14:00 GMT Live webinar: Update on the Cutaneous Histiocytoses. ZOOM LINK

25/04/22 @ 14:00 GMT Live webinar: Sclerosing disorders of the skin.  Dr Jag Bhawan.  ZOOM LINK

23/05/22 @ 1400 GMT Live webinar: Challenges in the diagnosis of cutaneous lymphomas, a local experience.  Dr D Zuriel. ZOOM LINK

27/06/22 @14:00 GMT Live webinar: Alopecia, case discussions.  Dr Joyce Lee, National Skin Centre, Singapore. ZOOM LINK

22/08/22 @14:00 GMT. Live webinar: Problems and pitfalls in diagnosing acral melanocytic lesions.  Dr Yuhung Wu, Mackay Medical College, Taipei, Taiwan.  ZOOM LINK

30/9/22 @ 14:00 GMT. Live webinar: Histological and molecular landscape of cutaneous vascular anomalies.   Dr Thuy Phung, Associate Professor and Medical Director of Molecular Pathology and Dermatopathology at the University of South Alabama, USA. ZOOM LINK

17/10/22 @ 14:00 GMT    Live webinar: Immunocytochemistry and the associated pitfalls in the diagnosis of cutaneous lymphomas.  Dr Tirelo Pitjadi, Consultant Histopathologist, Ampath Laboratories, Johannesburg, South Africa. ZOOM LINK

21/11/22 @ 14:00 GMT    Live webinar: Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. Histopathology and melanoma prognosis.  Prof Gerald Saldanha, University Hospitals of Leicester, UK. ZOOM LINK

30/1/23 @ 14:00 GMT.  Live webinar: Differential diagnoses of pleomorphic skin tumours.  Prof Thomas Brenn, Calgary University, Canada. ZOOM LINK

27/2/23 @ 14:00 GMT.   Live webinar: Professor Jose Plaza, Director of Dermatopathology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, USA will inform us on ‘’Adnexal Neoplasms: a review’’. Zoom link

27/3/23 @ 14:00 GMT.   Live webinar: Prof Wayne Grayson, Ampath Laboratories, Johannesburg will inform us on “Kaposi Sarcoma: A Broad Histological Spectrum, With Many Mimics”. Zoom link

25/4/23  @ 14:00 GMT   Live webinar: Dr Amaya Viros Usandizaga. Zoom link

22/5/23  @ 16:00 GMT   Live webinar: Dr Antonio Subtil DeOliveira, University of British Columbia, Canada. A practical approach to lymphoid infiltrates in the skin. Zoom link

19/6/23 @ 14:00 GMT  Live webinar: Dr Gerardo Ferrara, G. Pascale National Cancer Institute Foundation Naples, Italy. Melanocytic naevi of special sites. Zoom link


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